How to See Change Before Everyone Else

Prof. Antonio Davila / Joost Korver January 2020

Flawless execution was the source of competitive advantage and success was the reward of being more efficient than competitors. Execution is important, but it has become a commodity; leading organizations know how to do it.

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Landscape Monitor for Startups

Prof. Antonio Davila / Joost Korver / Mathieu Carenzo December 2019

Entrepreneurs deal with high levels of uncertainty; probably more than any other business. The more disruptive the startup, the higher the level of uncertainty. Will the customers buy? How do we reach them? Will we be able to sell at a profit? Will our partners do their part? Who is out there that we can learn from? Are there threats that we are unaware of? Not surprisingly, Eric Ries, the creator of the Lean Startup concept, describes learning as most important objective of a startup.

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What’s the New Competitive Edge?

Prof. Antonio Davila December 2017

The ability to implement strategy better than anyone else is no longer just a competitive advantage; it has turned into a commodity in its own right. The new competitive edge consists of being the first to see a change on the horizon and taking advantage of it. To do this, we have to stop looking inside and start looking at the landscape around us.

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