Landscape Monitor for Partners

Help organizations to see change before everyone else

Many organizations around the world are already enjoying the power of Landscape Monitor. Due to its success more certified Landscape Monitor partners from different regions are being trained to implement this revolutionary methodology. You can become a Landscape Monitor Partner as well.

What is a Landscape Monitor Partner?

A Landscape Monitor Partner is a person or an innovation or strategy consultancy with teaching, facilitation and coaching skills, who is passionate about helping organizations to look outside in order to see change.

Transform strategies to lead current markets and create new ones

Landscape Monitor will support you to gain the right knowledge to implement the methodology successfully at different types of organizations. Depending on the client’s needs we have identified 3 main business models:

  • Tailored Landscape


    1-2 days
  • Strategic Landscape


    3-4 months
  • Ongoing support


    1 year+

You will be taught how to create an open company using the Landscape Monitor methodology. With this, any organization can start taking advantage of tactical and strategic opportunities as windows open in the landscape.

As a certified partner you will be able to:

  • school Engage the organization in sensing trends and emerging opportunities.
  • lightbulb_outline Generate insights to leverage the unrelenting stream of market opportunities.
  • extension Challenge the existing strategy and shape the future of the company.
  • offline_bolt Create the processes to sustain a constant stream of innovation opportunities.
  • tune Transform your culture to embrace execution and creation
  • language Design a sustainable company that will lead its industry

Are you ready to start?