Landscape Monitor

The Smart Platform

Help your company to see change before anyone else with Landscape Monitor Platform, a web based app that provides a precise and complete view of relevant forces shaping the present and the future of your organization.

  • create Create a map of your environment
  • track_changes Track relevant information sources
  • share Share team's observations, facts, and opinions
  • group Find solution together
  • trending_up Spot opportunities
  • add


    Map your landscape

    Identify the actors in your organization’s landscape and map them for your team to share a common view of the forces shaping economic and social markets.

  • language


    Leverage the power of the web

    Track relevant information sources on the web and choose which ones are worth sharing with your team.

  • forum


    Share Ideas

    Have your team share observations, facts, and opinions. Then vote and comment on them to create a rich understanding of the landscape.

  • flare


    Find solutions together

    Insights are opportunities opening up in the landscape, ideas, emerging trends, or weak signals; anything that comes up as you read the topics. It is the first step into your innovation and strategy.

  • filter_list


    Spot opportunities

    Use our activity heatmap and plots to quickly identify those events that are creating traction in your team. Filter the information by time-period, actors, users, or tags to zoom into critical conversations.

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