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The core idea of the Landscape Monitor is simple: strategic opportunities and risks start outside your organization, not inside. Creating value requires designing your organization to take advantage of the opportunities constantly opening in the market. If you don’t do it, someone else will at your own risk.

Landscape Monitor is a methodology that leverages information, processes, and organizational culture to have the talent in your organization identify relevant events in the market that point to emerging opportunities. It is the entry point to adding value to your strategic planning, innovation, and risk management.

The Landscape Monitor creates organizations open to their markets and societies. Organizations that understand value creation not only as careful execution, but also as the ability to take advantage of opportunities

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Landscape Monitor

The Smart Platform

Implement our methodology in a simple and efficient way with our Platform, a web based app to create a new future for your organization.

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Many great organizations are already enjoying the benefits of Landscape Monitor

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Landscape Monitor, The Book

Sensing Markets and Society for Strategists, Innovators and Entrepreneurs

To go deeper into the Landscape Monitor methodology, this book provides the detail and insights to master this new management approach. It gives the background as well as implementation recommendations.

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