The Landscape Monitor is part of a larger management philosophy to design organizations sensitive to the many opportunities constantly opening up in the landscape.

Our philosophy is grounded on the following principles:

  1. Strategic innovation does not start with ideas but a rich set of observations
  2. Ideas (insights) emerge from combining observations in new ways
  3. Competitive advantage does not come from execution anymore (it is a necessary but not sufficient condition) but from seeing what is next before others
  4. The landscape of an organization is several orders of magnitude more complex than its inside
  5. Organization culture has to move beyond an inside-looking perspective to embrace an outside-looking perspective
  6. New tools and processes are needed to ground this culture, casual conversations and isolated efforts are not enough
  7. Sensing the landscape and generating insights is a team sport, use the talent to go beyond execution
  8. Sensing is an ongoing effort, once-a-year exercises do not do the job anymore
  9. Learning is the basic building block to identify weak signals, emerging trends, and windows of opportunity
  10. Luck favors those who see change before anybody else and take risks

Landscape Monitor, The Book

To go deeper into the Landscape Monitor methodology, this book provides the detail and insights to master this new management approach. It gives the background as well as implementation recommendations.

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